Turn To the Local Artificial Turf Experts

Depend on us to install artificial grass at your home in the Lubbock, TX area

Don't hire just anyone to install your artificial grass - turn to a local turf company with the proper skills and experience. The experts at Texas Turf & Putt can install your turn the right way.

Here's how our process works:

  1. Our team will remove 3-4 inches of your grass and dirt and then spray the ground with weed killer.
  2. We'll cover the ground with a commercial-grade weed barrier and install a layer of granite road base.
  3. After leveling the granite, we'll install your turf and secure it with 6-inch nails around the perimeter.
  4. Finally, we'll fill the turf with Environfill to kill bacteria and prevent odors.
We use an s-seam technique that hides your turf seams more effectively than traditional methods. Call 719-650-1285 today to schedule an artificial turf installation in Lubbock, TX or surrounding areas.